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Restore your vehicle's alignment

All vehicles are equipped with specific alignment settings painstakingly designed by the manufacturer.


Deviating from the original design of your vehicle's alignment can make it very dangerous, especially when traveling at high speeds.

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Caster, camber, and toe alignment consist of adjusting the angles of the wheels so they are set to the vehicle's specifications. Proper adjustments help reduce tire wear and insure that the vehicle travels a straight and true line.


The primary angles are the basic angle alignment of the wheels relative to each other and the vehicle body. These adjustments are the caster, camber, and toe. A Kankakee Spring & Alignment we’ll make sure your alignment is set up to provide the longest wear and best ride for all your vehicles.

Kankakee Spring & Alignment has over 75 years of experience working with caster, camber, and toe alignment

Vehicle alignment

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 •  We can help extend your tire mileage


 •  Let us diagnose problems before they

     get out of hand

 •  Avoid more expense repairs in the future

     by having your vehicle aligned now

 •  Proper alignment can save you substantial

     fuel costs


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